Annecy 2015: The films

by Jen Hall

Following my overview of the festival, I thought it would only be right to talk about the main focus of Annecy Animation Festival: the films.

Some of the standout films of the festival for me were:

Amelia & Duarte
This film was a pixilation film. Similar to stop motion, this technique uses live actors as the puppet and the animator takes frame by frame shots of them moving.
The film starts with breakup of a relationship that then looks back on how the couple got together and follows their relationship through to its end and how the couple coped with the huge change in their lives.

This story of a man trying to create the perfect set of dentures . Narrated by Richard E Grant who gives the film a dark and sinister tone. Not one for those who are squeamish with dentists!

In Deep Waters
The film follows three characters who have something missing in their lives and their journey that leads to them finding answers.

We Cant Live Without Cosmos
Winner of the Annecy Cristal, the film is about 2 best friends who want to become astronauts and how they train hard to make their dreams come true.

Ernie Biscuit
This is a tale about a deaf, down on his luck taxidermist who must overcome his shortcomings and learn to ”be the windscreen not the insect”. This film is made in stopmotion out of clay by noted “clayographer” Adam Elliot, who previously directed the feature film Mary and Max a touching story of a little girl in Australia who becomes a penpal with a New York man with Asbergers.

This graduation film from the National Film and TV school is about a boy who can’t find his place in the world. It has fantastic transitions as he goes back through his life. The film is made using needlepoint felt and then once animated in stop motion, facial expressions are animated over the film in 2D. It won the Jury award.

The story of a middle aged woman who tries to change her life by becoming a life model.

I hope to be able to bring some of these to This is Not A Cartoon over the next year. If you caught the previous programme, the films Zepo, Moving On and World of Tomorrow all featured at Annecy, with World of Tomorrow receiving both the Jury Distinction and the Audience Award!



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